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…progress once again!

Again, I’m sooo very sorry for the delay in images! I have finally been able to sit back down and work on the painting. I don’t have an image for the step between that last post and this one, I totally forgot to take a photo! You didn’t miss much as I just decided to further colour block the lily pads and I left the waterlily blank.

My next painting session consisted of me deciding to tackle the waterlily and then everything else! Usually depending on time constraints, I prefer to colour block my objects but for the flower I decided to go straight into painting the final colours.

The colours of the flower in the painting differ from my reference as I was requested to make it red, which was fine with me. I had a challenge trying to make it ‘red’ and not appear too pink. Perhaps I didn’t have the right shade of red in my paint arsenal but I think I did an okay job…? I used Alizarin Crimson and Vermillion with a touch of Magenta. I tried emphasizing the ‘red’ by using the Vermillion to outline petal edges and I added patches of it it pure form in certain areas. (see image below)

When I moved on to the lily pads I already had the general colours laid in, which made painting over them with the final ones less of a battle as I didn’t have the white background to contend with.

I decided to make the edges more of a purple instead of red as I thought it would look better with the greens and the shades found in the water. The reflections in the water have shades of violet and gray. I also didn’t want to over do it with the red! I think the combination of purple and green work extremely well, especially when the green is more yellow based and the purple is more pink based.

As you can see by the image I’m almost done! I just have the fourth lily pad to complete. The basic final colours are there and I only need to add small areas of varying colour.

Painting in it's final stages

Once the paint becomes tacky I will be able to add the ‘final’ touches! They would include the lightest parts of the painting…the white dollop on the waterlily petal and my signature.

Then it will be on to the next painting…I still haven’t decided which one it will be but stay tuned…!

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