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Cool and Collected

Another successful painting session was had on Thursday! Less than a week left before I have to send off my entry…so time is a ticking.

Here’s my progress thus far…

Thursday's progress

Step Eight: Continue painting…I’ve been working really hard while mixing colours to think about the darks being warm and the lights being cool. It’s not usually something I put much of a conscious effort into doing when I paint. I just try to make the painting colours as similar to the reference…with exceptions of course. I always add extra hues here and there to help liven up a painting and I do keep an eye on the warm/cool colours but this particular painting is an exercise.

I have tried to complete the bottom right hand “Gem” mason jar but I more than likely will tweak the colours and shapes. I haven’t finished it’s lid. I want to do ALL of them at the same time, saving me from remixing those colours over and over again.

As for the cyan blue I think I have come up with a compromise. I will work further on the painting today and post my progress which will include the ‘troubling’ blue.

FYI: Step Eight is essentially the main painting process where I do my base and final colours. I am trying to make my painting more efficient by skipping the ‘colour blocking’ stage and just going straight into painting the final colours. Having said that there is always the element of going back into an area to adjust hues. This is a given. Usually that’s a process that happens continually while painting in Step Eight.

Step Nine: (I am slightly jumping ahead by giving you my explanation of this step as I know I will have maybe another sessions worth of painting left before I can fully move on) Continuing painting BUT adjusting only the light and dark areas of the painting. I want to make sure that in this step that I take stock of the relationships between the lights and darks in comparison to each other and to the hues found in the painting. I make sure that there is enough contrast and that there is continuity within the entire painting as to not leave areas that look “out of place”. A more thorough explanation will be provided when I proceed to this step.

As it is I will continue on with my painting with the hope of being able to move on to Step Nine after this painting session. After Nine there are the FINAL touch ups of the painting and the final prep for the finished canvas.

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