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Satsuma Blues:The Process, Part Two

Step Eight. Paint. I’ve worked on ALL the areas and now I just need to wait for them to dry…or at least become tacky enough that I can apply another coat. I have added a little more contrast to the light and dark areas of the orange. I still would like to go back into the highlights and perhaps the shadow areas…depends on how it looks after a day of drying.

I worked on the leaves. They are not fully complete as of yet. I still need to make shadow areas blend a bit more by adding harmonizing hues. Again, I need to play the waiting game as working on wet oil is not productive. Well, at least not with the technique that I use to paint! I prefer to paint on dry paint and avoid too much blending of bottom layers.

I have been finding it a challenge to stop myself from painting tiny details like the bumps on the rind. When I started painting them I realized that the brushes I love to use just don’t work with making rounder strokes as the bumps are more rounded than squared off. That’s when I made the decision to just paint general shapes and not worry about the details. They would come but in a different way.

This is what I ultimately want my work to be. Detailed but not too detailed. I would rather suggest areas of detail with our mind filling in the rest. My aim is not to create a photo-realistic piece but rather to create a piece that is MORE interesting than a photo. Something that has more character by means of textures and colours. I LOVE seeing brush strokes. To me that makes the painting feel more alive than a piece that’s painstakingly blended. Don’t get me wrong, there are pieces that are quite moving which show little to no brush strokes but those pieces are far and few between. Again, this is my opinion…whatever floats your boat my friend!

Not sure if you can see but I smudged the stem near the top. Oops!  Did that while painting in the gold pattern. I wasn’t paying attention to where the palm of my hand was resting…typical. That usually happens to me when I get caught up with strokes that take a steady hand! Oh well, I will just need to touch up the stem in that area and I think that will be it other than bumping up the highlight.

The background was fun…my lines are definitely NOT perfect but I think they work…you can see where I need to touch up areas (far left). I think I might redo that entire section because it looks crooked…plus I don’t like that part of the design is not on the canvas. Perhaps I should pencil in the design first? Otherwise I think the background pattern works well with the satsuma.

Foreground MIGHT get fancied up. I am playing with the idea of adding tiny gold stars as a pattern on the blue fabric. Not sure how that will work since there are a lot of bumps and making the perspectives work on the stars will prove a challenge. Perhaps polka dots are the way to go?? Or maybe just leave it be? Decisions, decisions!

That’s about it for now! As I said, I will need to wait for the majority of the painting to dry before I can tackle anymore areas. Otherwise I would say one more painting session is in order before I can call it complete!

Painting almost complete!

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