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Commission: Sunflowers

Well as promised here is another post about this commission. The progress can definitely be seen in this shot.


The progress thus far

As you can see, I have working on the leaves, the stems, the flowers (petals and centres). I’ve added more unopened flowers and worked on the background a little more. Where to start??

The flowers. I worked on the petals and the centres. Developing a shape and where shadows will fall but I haven’t done that for each large bloom. I am trying to make sure that I don’t make the petals too uniform or too unrealistic in regards to placement and shape. Again, since I do not have an exact reference image to work from the basics are what apply. My next step for the large blossoms is to finalize the petal shapes and hues. I had to move onto the centres since some of the petal areas were still wet. It’s a losing battle when painting in oils if you try to paint over a wet area… at least I’ve found it to be a battle that I can avoid with patience.

The centres are filled with textures and colours. I’m still playing with the exact colour combinations and shapes. I have a variety of brushes but which ones gives me the desired effect?

Stems and leaves. I have worked on them again. You can see that I’ve lightened areas using a cooler hue and I’m redefining surface texture and shape. Upon closer inspection I’ve decided to make the larger leaves with a ragged edge as per reality. I have also been keeping my leaf colour observation in mind while refining the leaves. Which ones will be shadowed? Which ones will have a flip that glows yellow green? Many choices but which will make sense?

I mentioned adding a few more branched off blooms. I felt like the image needed more activity in the front, to keep the viewer interested and to add rhythm. Where do your eyes take you while viewing the piece?

Finally the background. It’s still not 100% complete but it’s getting there! I added a variety of blooms sizes, hopefully creating the illusion of depth. Altering hue intensity by adding blue to the distant blooms and trying to make it NOT look to contrived. Is it working?

Having looked at the image on a smaller scale it’s given me a better perspective on how the composition is working. With this I’ve come to realize that perhaps the distance trees are far to large. I mean if you were to pull them into the foreground they would be huge! Looks like I will be working on shrinking them in my next painting session!

Stay tuned for that update!

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