Welcome to my blog section where I write about my adventures in eco printing and other artistic pursuits.

I am a talkative person who enjoys sharing information and skills that I've learned over the years. I am especially fond of inspiring others to explore their creative side by engaging in artistic endeavors. That is why I love teaching art to people of all ages!

My hope with this blog is to shed a little more light on my artistic process. Primarily I will focus on Eco Printing by sharing process shots, discussing my findings on pigments, techniques, materials, etc...

Thank for stopping by and if you have some time, stay a little while and maybe get inspired! If you have anything to say about my posts please comment because I would love to hear from you.




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    Works in Progress

    As an artist,  I find that my mind is always generating new ideas for paintings or projects. As you can imagine it can get a little overwhelming at times. I've found that over the years life gets in the way and projects and paintings are set aside for future creative sessions.

    After a while, I have accumulated quite the collection of unfinished paintings and projects. I feel like some are impatiently waiting for their return and others seem to be quite content in their repose.

    The painting above is entitled, Danish Poppy, which I started in 2019. I remember being very excited to work on it as it was following another large scale painting to of a poppy (Purple Poppy), which I felt so energized by...I thought yes, keep it coming!

    Unfortuntely it was one of those, life gets in the way situations and it was left at the way side while I dealt with other things.

    Yes my friends, it's day has finally come! It's on my easel once more and over the next little while when time allows, Danish Poppy will be my focus painting!

    A little philosophy I have gleaned over the years...


    Ebb and flow is an important concept to adopt as an artist.


    I struggle many times with trying to push when in reality I needed to flow. It can't always be a crazed busy and productive time. We need to rest and recharge. Filling our bucket so we can get back into the hot mess of creating!

    I'm flowing with the energy of my new site, new inspiration and the feeling that this is all in alignment!




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