Smokey Oil on canvas 8x8 inches
Serenity Now
Serenity Now Oil on canvas 12x16
Seb Acrylic on panel | 10x8 inches

Commissions are a joy to work on. I paint people, pets, landscapes, still lifes, etc...Contact me to get things started! View below for the process.

I'm also open to Eco Print commissions. A unique opportunity can be found in allowing me to create an eco print using plant materials from your garden or a loved ones. Message me for details and to discuss the possibilities!


Acrylic Commissions

Cherish the spirit of your loved one by celebrating them in a unique portrait. Using images you provide. Paintings are painted on gallery depth wood panel (gallery depth is 1.5 inches deep). The final piece can be hung without a frame. If a frame is desired then standard depth panel is recommended. Portraits will take up to a month to complete. An 8x8 inch portrait will be $400 (multiple portraits within the same frame will be extra).


"Captured in spirit and cherished for a life time"

There are other sizes available. We can discuss alternative sizing if the ones listed are not what you had in mind. Prices will change depending on size and if subject matter is more complicated than just one figure with a simple background. More figures, objects, etc…will incur a price increase, as those items will require more time to render. Prices are in Canadian Funds.

How to begin: Please send me an email with your commission request. Include photos of your subject. Indicate what you were thinking in regards to subject matter, if you had a specific size in mind, medium, etc…I will contact you with a quote and we can begin the commission process.


Painting Process: My commissioned paintings are created from photographic reference. You provide the photos but in some instances I can provide them. If submitting photos, I prefer multiple images when capturing the likeness of a person or pet. If needed, I can arrange a photo shoot of the subject, at an additional cost (transit & time). Photographs can be sent to me by e-mail or by post; whatever is easiest for you. If requested, the photos will be sent back. To keep you in the loop, I will send you progress shots at various stages of the commission by e-mail or post. When the painting is complete I will send a final photograph for your approval. If corrections are needed, they will be made before you receive your painting.


Materials: The materials that I typically use to create commissioned portraits are acrylic. Acrylic paintings are painted using Golden Acrylic Paint on stretched cotton canvas or birch wood panel. Depths vary depending on personal preference and availability.


Timeline: I can accommodate your specific deadline (i.e. birthday, Christmas, etc…). On average it will take me up to a month to complete an acrylic painting. Some commissions may require more or less time depending on a number of factors: such as my painting schedule at the time, usable photographic reference, availability of materials (requesting a custom canvas size that is not found in an art supply store), and drying time (a week, I will varnish when dry).


Payment: A 50% deposit is required before I can start the commission. Payment can be made by etransfer, personal cheque, certified cheque, cash or Paypal. Once the shipping cost has been determined, I will send you the final invoice by e-mail or post. HST (Harmonized Sales Tax, 13%) will be added to the final Invoice (Shipping will be excluded as it has already been taxed). The final payment must be made prior to receiving the artwork.


Shipping: Shipping rates vary. I will send the painting by Canada Post unless another mode is specified. Artwork can also be dropped off or picked up if the distance isn’t too great from where I currently reside. The painting will be wrapped in bubble wrap with cardboard on either side and wrapped in a waterproof covering. It will then be placed in the final shipping container and depending on its final size it will be shipped in either a shipping box or bag.

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